My Painful Experience

Penile Warts
Penile Warts

Penis warts can be very embarrassing and painful problem as they can be notoriously challenging to handle. However, they are not life-threatening but they can make it extremely difficult to have the normal sex life. Therefore, the right approach to the penis is essential. Unfortunately, most men like me who have experienced this problem are not ready to discuss it with, neighbors and friends. So it can be quite challenging for someone who has newly discovered penile warts to know what to do next apart from the obvious trip to a doctor. For men like this, I bet you will feel reassured because am going to give you a similar experience that I had. Am a penile wart victim from the past and this is my story.

Sudden Appearance 

I became sexually active at a young age, and throughout my life, I have been lucky with ladies. As a result, I have had very many sexual partners, and I wasn’t careful about using protection when having sexual intercourse.

I always considered myself as a very lucky, pretty healthy and someone irresistible, so when I had known and been with a girl for a long duration, I wouldn’t hesitate to skip the condoms. Everything seemed to be in place for a while, but after we parted ways and I started seeing someone else, I noticed a bunch of warts all over my penis.

Warts came as a big surprise to me because my new girl had assured me that she had a clean bill of health, and to make it even more complicated she had not seen anything out of the ordinary. Before I even plan to go and see a penile wart doctor, I turned to the internet to find out if I could get something related to what I was nursing under my pants.

I didn’t know exactly what they were but they looked close to tiny, flesh-colored bites along the base of my penis. In fact, this is what I typed into the search engine when I was trying to find out what these things really were. They didn’t bleed or hurt in any way but they were surely ugly. I had warts before on my hands, so I had a clue as what they were as soon as I saw them. But I was just curious to know if they were related. I didn’t know they could attack my penis.

A Visit to The Expert and Treatment

I didn’t want to do anything about them. I am not a big fan of pain, especially on that part down there. I was afraid of using some home treatment remedies. I figured out and found that a penile wart doctor could give me a good diagnosis and treatment that wouldn’t be painful and risky. Since I reside in Newport Beach city I made an appointment right away with Dr. Lauber.

During my appointment, Dr. Lauber told me that warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), but he could perform a biopsy to be sure enough. I had various treatments with liquid nitrogen, and while it did not hurt me much, I wasn’t comfortable as such. I was also given a cream that I could apply at night for the bumps that were left.